• Respect everyone.
  • Talk to us about what excites you.
  • Follow channel topics.
  • Welcome new members!
  • Join us at Events!
  • Keep off-topic for #barrens-chat.
  • Listen to community leaders.



  • Be an ass.
  • Have an ego.
  • Argue just to argue.
  • Overly troll.
  • Post anything NSFW.

We’ve made this very simple for you. Just be a decent person and you’ll have a great time.

Please note that our Discord is not your haven for free speech. Members join our community to enjoy themselves and relax. While you might feel strongly about a certain subject, we’re a community of gamers. 

We reserve the right to delete anything posted in our Discord. 

Please avoid discussing any of the following: Drugs, Religion, Guns, Politics, Violence, or Sexual topics. Your thoughts might be valid, but too often it ignites a fire. The only fires we’re putting out are in Teldrassil.

Your cooperation helps make Currently.GG a better gaming community! 

Please note that our server is Partnered by Discord. We will report any raids or overly offensive content to the Partner Support team.